He had made the ultimate sacrifice...only he wasn't really dead.

He signed their forms. He accepted their diagnosis. He welcomed the treatment.

He changed his name and disappeared.


Now he is treated as less than human. A pet, held in the Facility until he and his team are let loose on a government-sanctioned target.


Except this next target isn't some terrorist or criminal - it's a teenage girl on US soil, along with the woman who stole his heart.


Jericho and his team may be a different kind of soldier, but they still hold to their moral codes and honor. Going against a direct order is not something they would normally consider...


But nothing about this team is normal.

The Originals

Freedom comes in many forms, all of them illusions.

They'd finally escaped the Facility for a life together that promised security and something like peace. Sorta. Maybe.


The three soldiers didn't have to go to war any longer, but being hybrids meant there were those in the world that hunted them as if they were all animal - not just some cells. 


Now, Affie is pregnant, Zeb and Peter are going to do everything they can to protect her and make the kind of life for themselves they've dreamt of for years.


No matter what the General and his secret army want.

The Next Gen

Samantha and Sinjin are in DC. 

A new apartment, college stress, and both have jobs where lives are on the line. 

Hers? Working for the President behind the scenes.
His? Making sure she stays alive and safe.


Both of them are hiding who they really are from everyone - except each other.
Secrets that would destroy their fragile freedom if they became public.


What happens when the truth gets out and death comes knocking?

hybrid trilogy ebook cover.jpg
The Hybrid  Chronicles - The Complete Series

The hybrids are a family of soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice - and found themselves healed with a mix of animal and human stem cells. 

Treated as less than human, they continue to serve - until a mission goes completely against their morals and ethics. 

Life, when you are different, isn't easy. Bitter moments and sweet. Then they tell you to 'be the change you want to see'.

When you're trained to serve and fight, sometimes you take the battle to the streets to incite that change.